Justin Trudeau Zig-Zag Rolling Paper Packs and Tshirts Now Available!! February 18 2014

How out of touch with reality are our government's ideas and policies surrounding "legalization"? How much does our government ignore logic and science?

Take the following quotes from current Conservative Party sponsored "attack ads":

"imagine... making it available just like alcohol and cigarettes" 
"... making it easier for kids to get? That doesn't sound like Justin Trudeau has the kind of judgment we need in a Prime Minister" 

How ignorant must one be to think that it would somehow become EASIER for kids to get marijuana in a legalized and age-regulated marketplace compared with the long-standing black market scenario in which it's generally far easier for kids to get "pot" than it is for adults!?

So very frustratingly ignorant.

For the Toronto Star story about the origin of this product: