About Us

Welcome to our new The Herb Collective web-store!! This is a space for souvenirs and interesting products that are clearly NOT drug paraphernalia! We carry herbs and interesting herb related products for souvenir and novelty purposes. Please take a look, and enjoy your visit!! 

The Herb Collective is a spin-off site and part of the family of the "Yongesterdam Group of Companies" - Toronto Hemp Company (THC) www.torontohemp.com, Vapor Central www.vaporcentral.com, and Sacred Seed www.sacredseed.com... 

We have all kinds of other products available for sale at the Toronto Hemp Company (THC) web-store, and in our 'brick and mortar' shops in "Yongesterdam", but due to the interpretation that some of those products are possibly considered "drug paraphernalia" (even though they are clearly not "instruments for illicit drug use") we have come up against some painful and costly limitations relating to online sales and credit card processing. Therefore, we decided to start up this totally separate, totally unquestionable, spin-off site which will NEVER contain ANY possibly paraphernalia-interpreted products, so that we can provide a place for visitors and fans of our products and services to be able to comfortably purchase souvenirs and other completely unquestionably 'legitimate' items from us.  

So, here you will find some of our more interesting and amusing items, from souvenir and novelty t-shirts and stickers and other doohickeys (some may even fall under the category of "Tchotchkes") to incense and glass artwork like pendants, to god-knows what else!!

For those of you who have found yourself here as a result of an old link to our affiliated Forums (or for anyone who might otherwise be interested in visiting the Discussion Boards that we host for the sharing of information relating to cannabis and legalization, etc.), please follow this link to get to their new location: www.yongesterdam.com! Enjoy!